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Snowflake Tree Topper by House of Pixen


A 12 inch, double-sided, rhinestone snowflake tree topper. This topper comes with our patent-pending tree topper stabilizer.

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This 12 inch, double-sided, snowflake tree topper features 12 arms of pear shaped rhinestones that connect to the center medallion. There are 316 stones on this topper that will catch the light and reflect it throughout your home. This topper comes with our patent-pending Pixen Tree Topper Stabilizer that will give you the security of knowing that this beautiful piece of art will stay on top of your tree or in your floral decor. (The Pixen Tree Topper Stabilizer can be used with any of your other tree toppers as well. Stabilizer is currently offered in a pine green color. Please contact us on our contact form to discuss other color requirements.)

Weight with box 5 lbs
Minimum shipping dimensions 18 × 16.5 × 9 in




Primary Use

Tree Topper dimensions: 12in L x 4in W x 12in H (30.48cm x 10.16cm x 30.48cm); topper weight 15oz.

This tree topper comes with a pine green tree topper stabilizer (patent-pending).

Store in a cool, dry location, in a protective box.

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